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Cuckoo Remote Monitoring System

The Cuckoo RMS is an IP based system which provides a feature packed Graphical User Interface with Outstation for monitoring of traffic signal controllers. With reliable 3G secure communications allowing super fast Telnet handling. Current and Historical rolling fault logs along with configurable I/O capability. The Cuckoo can be quickly installed in any current UK Traffic Signal Controller, it is easy to configure with extremely low operating costs and power consumption.

productKey Features

• Fully responsive GUI website.
• Integrated Google map with zoom feature.
• Multiple user account facility.
• Interfaces with all traffic signal controllers.
• Fault email notification.
• Fast Telnet communications.
• 3G/GPS Connectivity.
• Back-up Battery Protection.
• Configurable Inputs/ Outputs.
• User messaging facility.
• 24v DC supplied 3U Eurocard processor.
• Daughter Board I/O expansion card.





Now available on the Google Play Store the new Cuckoo RMS Mobile Application!

LTraffic are delighted to announce the release of the Cuckoo RMS Application to the Google play store. The application keeps all users up-to-date with the latest information from Cuckoo installations within your account.

Screenshot_2015-11-07-12-35-15_resized_1 Screenshot_2015-11-07-12-35-00_resized_1 Screenshot_2015-11-07-12-34-53_resized Screenshot_2015-11-07-12-34-48_resized



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